My name is Verena, I’m 26 and two years ago I moved from my hometown Berlin to Scotland. I’m currently based in Newport-on-Tay where I work as a childminder, photographer, and travel agent. All three occupations involve lots of contact with people which I absolutely love.

I originally trained to become an Event Manager, but I had a hard time putting down my camera, so I chose to pursue my passion for photography and turn it into business.

Photography has been a part of me for 7 years now and I love the process of creating pictures that stick out from the crowd. I look to capture life through intimate and authentic images, and I avoid short term editing trends. Over the years I have adapted my editing style, so your photos will be timeless and wonderful to look at even after many years. My favorite photo shoot environment is the outdoors because of the unlimited number of backgrounds and different light conditions.

© Linus Bergman

I adapt very quickly to different weather and locations because I never set expectations and I often find that it is the things that are imperfect about a photo that makes them truly unique and special.

I am very aware that a photo shoot is an intimate and private matter, and it can be difficult to overcome the thought of a camera pointing at you while you’re supposed to be relaxing and letting go. However, my love for people, my tendency to see beauty in everything, as well as my years of experience will help you to take away any uncertainties and to quickly feel comfortable, loved, tolerated and accepted in front of my camera. Just the way you are.

When I’m not working on photo shoots or designing travel routes for guests you can find me climbing up a Scottish hill or at the beach with a refreshment fighting midges and watching a sunset.

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