My name is Verena, I’m 25 years old and was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. Working and travelling in New Zealand back in 2013 brought me closer to landscape photography as it is basically not possible to take a bad photo anywhere you go. Photographing people didn’t move me until my best friend got pregnant in 2017 and I was fascinated by the growing bump. And so the combination of both, people and landscape, became my absolute favourite kind of photography.

© Linus Bergman

March 2019, I finally made the step and moved to one of my favourite countries, Scotland. Obviously the breathtaking landscapes played a big role in my decision but so did the kind people and warm atmosphere. I’m currently based in Newport-on-Tay, which is on the east cost of Scotland. If you’d ask me about my favourite place in Scotland, my answer would probably be something like:

„Where the clouds touch the mountain tops“.

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